The Need / Why we do what we do

Many of us wish we could have a healthy meal whenever and wherever we go. But often the available options are limited and leave us eating unhealthy and feeling bad afterwards.

Many new offerings on the market claim to be healthy or fresh but really are not. They are still taxing our bodies and feeding disease, rather than allowing our bodies to thrive and feel energized. Many consumers are confused about what is good for them.

Unfortunately, this is the case because the food industry has misinformed us for years. Worse even, there has lately been a growing disappointing trend that uses science to promote unhealthy food.

Therefore, valid scientific information would guide us in making the right choices for ourselves and our families.

The concept / Why we believe you will like what we do

Offering Whole Plant-based Nutrition (dine in and take-away), promoting consumers’ health while educating and motivating them to develop healthier eating habits.

We will back up our menus with nutrition research and assist our customers in their journey to improve their health. Our website and in-store menu will be transparent in listing all ingredients and nutritional content.

We will offer meal bowls and soups, and salads and wraps. We will have a range of healthful and guiltless breakfast and desserts items as well as specialty coffee and teas. Our freshly made juices and smoothies provide an energizing pick-me-up any time of the day.

We will make and sell Plant Smart take-home fresh and packaged products meeting our nutritional standard to boost our customer’s healthy eating, when they come home.

The Benefit

Know what you eat. Eat what you need.